Some people might look at video games as something that was intended for children, but that is not always the case.  There are so many wonderful options in the video game world adults can’t help but indulge in hours of finger dancing for themselves. Often times you won’t find just the children playing by themselves, but daddy is usually right there with them, and sometimes mommy.  Even more often, you’ll find that during a social/family gather all the “men” are huddled in a room with competitive looks on their faces, tunnel vision on the TV, and focused beyond belief.  It would be hard to distinguish whether or not this was a real life or death situation because of how serious these adults take the video games. 

The games are often played as a past time, but in a lot of cases it has become an obsession and very competitive against each another’s closest friends.  There are even game nights.  Many women aren’t surprised to coming home finding their mate and his closest friends sitting on the floor with their legs crossed like kids playing video games, while the kids wait their turn.



Stand-up comedy has revolutionized itself throughout time.  While years ago it was a privilege to see a stand-up act live, it is now much more accessible and more widely popular today than it use to be.  There are far more comedians up and coming and making their way into the mainstream.  If going to a stand-up show in town or in the city isn’t on the agenda for the evening you can surely bet that watching the weekly stand-up series will be.  Many black people can quote popular comedians from the past, during their stand-up days.  Some of the comedians were even before their time, but stand-up comedy has been so popular in the black community many remember ear-hustling (eavesdropping) on their parents while they either watched an episode of Dolomite, or listened to a Richard Prior album. 

 Back in the day there were very few black stand-up comedians.  Today there are several as well as several weekly shows, both on television and local shows in the community.  Stand-up comedy has become a significant cultural part of life.


Watching movies is a frequent hobby, it is even more of a hobby to watch a movie over and over again until the favorite scenes and parts are memorized.  Then during conversations, a quote from a frequently known popular movie is entered in to the conversation.  Sometimes it will apply to what is being talked about sometimes it won’t, but it is more of a reinterated joke.  Quotes from famous movies are always interjected into the conversation as a response in most cases to something you’ve said, but the quote refers to the movie yet still applies to the conversation in most cases.  Sometimes the quotes will just be blurted out of no where and the whole scene is played out verbally, and those who can identify the movie right away usually jump in and finish the scene by taking turns repeating the quotes of the movie almost as if they’re reading the script itself.  It usually ends when no one can think of the next line.  It can turn into a game, but you have to know the movie really well or you’ll be corrected and feel stupid.  If you’re capable of knowing the words of the movie really well it always helps to try to mimic the character as closely as possible, by almost imitating their voice, the more accurate you are the better.


Now, we know that black people love fried chicken, but who would have thought that waffles would soon be a side dish and widely popular known restaurant in Los Angeles, California.  People come from all over to try the famous chicken and waffles .  While the restaurant has a full menu of all sorts of things, the world famous chicken and waffles is ordered the most, along with the “punch” beverage, that we all know is RED kool-aid.  This is not something for you to indulge if you’re on Atkins or on any diet for that matter.  This yummy combination is great to enjoy before a night out of heavy drinking, or when you want to be a glutton for good food that makes your taste buds do back flips.  You will do all that you can to try to finish the whole dish, it’s THAT good!


The only woman that has the immense potential power of turning straight women to at least want to try-being bi.  Both Black women and men just love the “something” about Angelina Jolie that makes her stand out and be the most desirable woman on earth that she is.  She is very much respected for her generosity and loving heart as well.  Angelina could only enhance those feelings the black community has for her when she adopted an African Baby Girl.  Angelina is humble and takes more pride in being giving of herself than most people in Hollywood.  Super mom, Super woman!


Also known as shoes.  While both women and men are obsessed with what they decide to put on their feet, women take in to consideration the types of shoes a black man wears just as much as she does the shoes she wears.  Tennis shoes are far more than just for athleticism, but as fashion statements.  A lot of money is spent on shoes, and if they’re “In” and look good, money is no object.  Having the same shoe in several colors to match various outfits is something to be expected as well.  The outfit is never complete, without the sign-off of the shoes that are worn.


The hook up means so many different things, but for the most part within the black community it means to have someone give you a deal on something rather than paying full or original price.  This isn’t like a “sale” or a “bargain deal,” these are things that are offered by someone who has the ability to give it away or sell it at a reasonable price.  These types of  “hook ups” are usually hush and aren’t advertised as they are a beneficial privilege, which isn’t to be offered to any and everyone just those who were at the right place at the right time or knew the right people. 

If you work somewhere that has hook up potential, you will definitely be asked if you can “hook” something up, such as if you work in a department store, amusement park, club, bar, electronics store, movie theatre, etc.  Anywhere where the products or services can be rendered.  Often times there are people who will use the hook up factor as a means of income for those who anticipate the hook up!  There are people who get several tickets to games and concerts and will stand in front of these events to sell the tickets at a lower price and therefore the person receiving them has now been “hooked up.”  The DVD and CD bootleg industry is a very large part of the black community, you can see these people selling these anywhere from the street corners in black communities to barber and beauty shops. 

The hook up, is something that is a self-made perk within the black community.


You will not walk in to a Black house party or home social gathering without seeing a game of dominoes being played. If you happened to not see where it is being played just listen for the slapping sound of things hitting a table and hearing loud burst of shouts of numbers and the word “dominoe” being yelled.  This game is also known as “bones.” It is played with two or more people, sometimes the more the better, and the more animated the game gets.  It’s usually played with four people and the game usually goes on all night until the party is over, while rotating people in.  Don’t even think about sitting down if you can’t count fast and know how to cup every single one of your dominoes in your hands without letting your opponents see them.


Nope, not just used for babies to prevent diaper rash.  This is something that you can find in the bathroom under the sink in a black household and most likely there might not even be any children in the home.  Baby power is a ritually used product, that is placed on the body to absorb sweat after taking a shower/bath.  The term “so fresh and so clean-clean” is usually topped off, with Baby Powder being placed on the body, usually the chest and back area, but in some cases are placed in underwear as well, for that added freshness.  It also makes the skin soft.


Now, as we know the Cadillac has been associated with Black folks for many years.  It was no different when the Escalade came on the market.  This was the aspired vehicle of the century within the black community.  Nothing short of a toy, as it is usually dolled up by many “extras” to intensify its Cadillac beauty; with rims, grill altercations, interior design, sounds, lowering, and we can’t forget about the TVs on the headrests.  While worried about making sure those vehicles behind you have access to the luxury of watching televisions as the passengers do, this vehicle is held with pride and joy. 

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