“I’m like Sampson, my strength is in my hair.” -Boyz N’ The Hood

Black people take a lot of time and pride into their hair.  It is very crucial that the hair cut is on point, the braids are tight, and the hair is straightened to perfection.  The barbershop and beauty salon payments have now become a bill expense not just an “extra” expense.  The hair has to be fresh and always looking good, therefore the investment in it is a monthly expense.  The price is never too high because it is realized that you get what you pay for and damn-it if the end result will not be fly, if it’s not, you’re getting a for sure a$$ whoopin’ verbally.

A lot of money is also invested in hair care products because it is important the hair is always healthy and strong as possible as well as looking and smelling good.  There is a certain brush for certain hair styles and those must be obtained. In order to keep the hair looking fresh there must be something to wrap the hair up at night to ensure the “flawlessness” look in the morning.

There are even magazines that dedicate themselves to the need for flawless hair.  These magazines give ideas, style, and hair care advice to help keep everything on point from little children to adults.  You can not go to black neighborhoods without seeing several hair salons, barber shops, wig shops, and beauty supplies on ever corner. Hair care is very important and is priority, not an option.