The term is no longer used, but the game is still popularly played.  The Dozens was something that you didn’t play with unless you were ready for an extreme verbal assault.  The Dozens referred to talking about someones mother in an insulting manner.  The person usually defends themselves by retaliating by saying something about the opponents mother as well. This game would go back and forth until someone gained the most recognition of the most fire power verbally.

Nowadays, the game has changed, but it is still much the same.  It is more often referred to as snaps, clownin’, or gettin’ hot.  The game has now moved towards more personal insults rather than the individuals mother.  The game is a battle of tongues and wit.  Who can come out standing as the most verbally creative and on point.  This can go on for hours and usually has several friends in the background to “co-sign” the event, meaning instigate. The game is all in fun and while it can be serious it is meant to embarrass your opponent while laughing the whole way. 

This isn’t a typical game that you plan on playing, it just happens due to circumstance or often times just begins in the midst of  a group gathering and conversation.  This goes on at just about any group gather, usually either at school or house parties.  The insults usually hold some truth or refer to how a person looks, dresses, or personality flaw.  The game can get serious, so make sure if you step in the battle field of wits, you come well prepared.