In recent news, the “N” word has caused a lot of controversy.  While Nas has now named his current album NIGGER to make a statement, white people are still a bit confused towards the frequent use of the word within the black culture.  There has been many debates on why it is okay for people of the black community to use the word, but not for anyone else.  This word is used in many different forms of which those who are not black have a hard time distinguishing between.  The “N” word is used as an adjective or label, but it does not hold the same meaning it was given hundreds of years ago, instead it is used in slang terms that is not derogatory. Because it does hold negative connotation, someone outside of the culture is not allowed to use it because the distinguishing factor between being negative or offensive is a thin line, therefore it is best to not be said if you can’t relate to the word culturally.

 There are several uses for the N word to describe many things.  Such as…

N Word  = Person, male or female

The N Word also describes people that mess up the party, movie, or social gathering due to violent or obnoxious behavior.

The transition of the N word is used in the first person, second and third.

The term is widely used and embraced by Black people.