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Also known as shoes.  While both women and men are obsessed with what they decide to put on their feet, women take in to consideration the types of shoes a black man wears just as much as she does the shoes she wears.  Tennis shoes are far more than just for athleticism, but as fashion statements.  A lot of money is spent on shoes, and if they’re “In” and look good, money is no object.  Having the same shoe in several colors to match various outfits is something to be expected as well.  The outfit is never complete, without the sign-off of the shoes that are worn.



Yes, the most multi-purpose piece of clothing there is.  It is worn under clothes as an undershirt or as a lounge shirt.  At the same time, this shirt is worn anywhere from the mall to the club. Black people have been really creative with this seemingly simple shirt.  You will see in worn the regular way and with a pair of jeans, after a day of working out with a pair of sweats, or with a thong used as sleepwear.  It is sometimes worn to social places such as clubs by black women, but in this instance it is spruced up a bit, from being a regular “wife beater,” but more of a sexy shirt that has either been molested by a pair of scissors or tide in the back in a knot to reveal her slim tummy.  This shirt is used in many forms, but every black person has probably as many socks as they have wife beaters in the drawer.  They aren’t only comfortable, but they serve as an all purpose shirt.

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