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The hook up means so many different things, but for the most part within the black community it means to have someone give you a deal on something rather than paying full or original price.  This isn’t like a “sale” or a “bargain deal,” these are things that are offered by someone who has the ability to give it away or sell it at a reasonable price.  These types of  “hook ups” are usually hush and aren’t advertised as they are a beneficial privilege, which isn’t to be offered to any and everyone just those who were at the right place at the right time or knew the right people. 

If you work somewhere that has hook up potential, you will definitely be asked if you can “hook” something up, such as if you work in a department store, amusement park, club, bar, electronics store, movie theatre, etc.  Anywhere where the products or services can be rendered.  Often times there are people who will use the hook up factor as a means of income for those who anticipate the hook up!  There are people who get several tickets to games and concerts and will stand in front of these events to sell the tickets at a lower price and therefore the person receiving them has now been “hooked up.”  The DVD and CD bootleg industry is a very large part of the black community, you can see these people selling these anywhere from the street corners in black communities to barber and beauty shops. 

The hook up, is something that is a self-made perk within the black community.



Maya Angelou is looked at as one of the most profound Black women of all time.  She is known for her Autobiographies as well as her uplifting poetry, but before that she was a huge part of the Civil Rights movement along side Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and Malcolm X.  She also composed music for movies, wrote articles, short stories, produced plays, lectured at universities all over the country, and served on various committees.  Maya also appeared on the big screen being a part of the Roots television series.

She is definitely an icon within the black community and well loved and respected.


The term is no longer used, but the game is still popularly played.  The Dozens was something that you didn’t play with unless you were ready for an extreme verbal assault.  The Dozens referred to talking about someones mother in an insulting manner.  The person usually defends themselves by retaliating by saying something about the opponents mother as well. This game would go back and forth until someone gained the most recognition of the most fire power verbally.

Nowadays, the game has changed, but it is still much the same.  It is more often referred to as snaps, clownin’, or gettin’ hot.  The game has now moved towards more personal insults rather than the individuals mother.  The game is a battle of tongues and wit.  Who can come out standing as the most verbally creative and on point.  This can go on for hours and usually has several friends in the background to “co-sign” the event, meaning instigate. The game is all in fun and while it can be serious it is meant to embarrass your opponent while laughing the whole way. 

This isn’t a typical game that you plan on playing, it just happens due to circumstance or often times just begins in the midst of  a group gathering and conversation.  This goes on at just about any group gather, usually either at school or house parties.  The insults usually hold some truth or refer to how a person looks, dresses, or personality flaw.  The game can get serious, so make sure if you step in the battle field of wits, you come well prepared.


In recent news, the “N” word has caused a lot of controversy.  While Nas has now named his current album NIGGER to make a statement, white people are still a bit confused towards the frequent use of the word within the black culture.  There has been many debates on why it is okay for people of the black community to use the word, but not for anyone else.  This word is used in many different forms of which those who are not black have a hard time distinguishing between.  The “N” word is used as an adjective or label, but it does not hold the same meaning it was given hundreds of years ago, instead it is used in slang terms that is not derogatory. Because it does hold negative connotation, someone outside of the culture is not allowed to use it because the distinguishing factor between being negative or offensive is a thin line, therefore it is best to not be said if you can’t relate to the word culturally.

 There are several uses for the N word to describe many things.  Such as…

N Word  = Person, male or female

The N Word also describes people that mess up the party, movie, or social gathering due to violent or obnoxious behavior.

The transition of the N word is used in the first person, second and third.

The term is widely used and embraced by Black people. 

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