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Now, we know that black people love fried chicken, but who would have thought that waffles would soon be a side dish and widely popular known restaurant in Los Angeles, California.  People come from all over to try the famous chicken and waffles .  While the restaurant has a full menu of all sorts of things, the world famous chicken and waffles is ordered the most, along with the “punch” beverage, that we all know is RED kool-aid.  This is not something for you to indulge if you’re on Atkins or on any diet for that matter.  This yummy combination is great to enjoy before a night out of heavy drinking, or when you want to be a glutton for good food that makes your taste buds do back flips.  You will do all that you can to try to finish the whole dish, it’s THAT good!



No, Red Lobster is not a high-end restaurant that serves gourment meals, but they sell the best array of seafood at a cheaper price.  Black people love crab legs, and this is the most popular place to get them.  Let’s not forget about their strawberry lemonade to go with it.  This restaurant has it all, cheap seafood and the best cold beverage since Red Kool-Aid.  Don’t be surprised if you see groups of black people holding birthday parties, graduations, or wedding receptions at Red Lobster it is an everyday occurrence.  While the noise is nothing less than it would be at a day at Chucky Cheese, excuse the parade of balloons as well. 


Yep, hot sauce and on almost everything! Nothing like the spicy kick that hot sauce brings to food to make it that much more titillating to the taste buds.  Traditonally, Lousiana Hot Sauce probably takes the cake, but in some instances it doesn’t matter as long as it is hot and red. Often times if it comes in spicy, it will be ordered that way rather than “Mild.”  Hot sauce is a must have in every black kitchen.

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