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Some people might look at video games as something that was intended for children, but that is not always the case.  There are so many wonderful options in the video game world adults can’t help but indulge in hours of finger dancing for themselves. Often times you won’t find just the children playing by themselves, but daddy is usually right there with them, and sometimes mommy.  Even more often, you’ll find that during a social/family gather all the “men” are huddled in a room with competitive looks on their faces, tunnel vision on the TV, and focused beyond belief.  It would be hard to distinguish whether or not this was a real life or death situation because of how serious these adults take the video games. 

The games are often played as a past time, but in a lot of cases it has become an obsession and very competitive against each another’s closest friends.  There are even game nights.  Many women aren’t surprised to coming home finding their mate and his closest friends sitting on the floor with their legs crossed like kids playing video games, while the kids wait their turn.



You will not walk in to a Black house party or home social gathering without seeing a game of dominoes being played. If you happened to not see where it is being played just listen for the slapping sound of things hitting a table and hearing loud burst of shouts of numbers and the word “dominoe” being yelled.  This game is also known as “bones.” It is played with two or more people, sometimes the more the better, and the more animated the game gets.  It’s usually played with four people and the game usually goes on all night until the party is over, while rotating people in.  Don’t even think about sitting down if you can’t count fast and know how to cup every single one of your dominoes in your hands without letting your opponents see them.

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