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Stand-up comedy has revolutionized itself throughout time.  While years ago it was a privilege to see a stand-up act live, it is now much more accessible and more widely popular today than it use to be.  There are far more comedians up and coming and making their way into the mainstream.  If going to a stand-up show in town or in the city isn’t on the agenda for the evening you can surely bet that watching the weekly stand-up series will be.  Many black people can quote popular comedians from the past, during their stand-up days.  Some of the comedians were even before their time, but stand-up comedy has been so popular in the black community many remember ear-hustling (eavesdropping) on their parents while they either watched an episode of Dolomite, or listened to a Richard Prior album. 

 Back in the day there were very few black stand-up comedians.  Today there are several as well as several weekly shows, both on television and local shows in the community.  Stand-up comedy has become a significant cultural part of life.


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