Maya Angelou is looked at as one of the most profound Black women of all time.  She is known for her Autobiographies as well as her uplifting poetry, but before that she was a huge part of the Civil Rights movement along side Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and Malcolm X.  She also composed music for movies, wrote articles, short stories, produced plays, lectured at universities all over the country, and served on various committees.  Maya also appeared on the big screen being a part of the Roots television series.

She is definitely an icon within the black community and well loved and respected.



Yes, the most multi-purpose piece of clothing there is.  It is worn under clothes as an undershirt or as a lounge shirt.  At the same time, this shirt is worn anywhere from the mall to the club. Black people have been really creative with this seemingly simple shirt.  You will see in worn the regular way and with a pair of jeans, after a day of working out with a pair of sweats, or with a thong used as sleepwear.  It is sometimes worn to social places such as clubs by black women, but in this instance it is spruced up a bit, from being a regular “wife beater,” but more of a sexy shirt that has either been molested by a pair of scissors or tide in the back in a knot to reveal her slim tummy.  This shirt is used in many forms, but every black person has probably as many socks as they have wife beaters in the drawer.  They aren’t only comfortable, but they serve as an all purpose shirt.


While smoking is becoming less widely popular, which is a wonderful thing because smoking is a deadly and nasty habit, but long before smoking was no longer a huge fad, the number one cigarette that is smoked by black people is Newport’s!  Those that are still smoking today, you can bet on BLACK, that this is what they smoke.  It is so widely popular in the black community, that it is said that if you see a while girl smoking a Newport, that her black boyfriend can’t be too far behind. 


No, Red Lobster is not a high-end restaurant that serves gourment meals, but they sell the best array of seafood at a cheaper price.  Black people love crab legs, and this is the most popular place to get them.  Let’s not forget about their strawberry lemonade to go with it.  This restaurant has it all, cheap seafood and the best cold beverage since Red Kool-Aid.  Don’t be surprised if you see groups of black people holding birthday parties, graduations, or wedding receptions at Red Lobster it is an everyday occurrence.  While the noise is nothing less than it would be at a day at Chucky Cheese, excuse the parade of balloons as well. 


The term is no longer used, but the game is still popularly played.  The Dozens was something that you didn’t play with unless you were ready for an extreme verbal assault.  The Dozens referred to talking about someones mother in an insulting manner.  The person usually defends themselves by retaliating by saying something about the opponents mother as well. This game would go back and forth until someone gained the most recognition of the most fire power verbally.

Nowadays, the game has changed, but it is still much the same.  It is more often referred to as snaps, clownin’, or gettin’ hot.  The game has now moved towards more personal insults rather than the individuals mother.  The game is a battle of tongues and wit.  Who can come out standing as the most verbally creative and on point.  This can go on for hours and usually has several friends in the background to “co-sign” the event, meaning instigate. The game is all in fun and while it can be serious it is meant to embarrass your opponent while laughing the whole way. 

This isn’t a typical game that you plan on playing, it just happens due to circumstance or often times just begins in the midst of  a group gathering and conversation.  This goes on at just about any group gather, usually either at school or house parties.  The insults usually hold some truth or refer to how a person looks, dresses, or personality flaw.  The game can get serious, so make sure if you step in the battle field of wits, you come well prepared.


In recent news, the “N” word has caused a lot of controversy.  While Nas has now named his current album NIGGER to make a statement, white people are still a bit confused towards the frequent use of the word within the black culture.  There has been many debates on why it is okay for people of the black community to use the word, but not for anyone else.  This word is used in many different forms of which those who are not black have a hard time distinguishing between.  The “N” word is used as an adjective or label, but it does not hold the same meaning it was given hundreds of years ago, instead it is used in slang terms that is not derogatory. Because it does hold negative connotation, someone outside of the culture is not allowed to use it because the distinguishing factor between being negative or offensive is a thin line, therefore it is best to not be said if you can’t relate to the word culturally.

 There are several uses for the N word to describe many things.  Such as…

N Word  = Person, male or female

The N Word also describes people that mess up the party, movie, or social gathering due to violent or obnoxious behavior.

The transition of the N word is used in the first person, second and third.

The term is widely used and embraced by Black people. 


Before Obama was ever a thought, Bill Clinton was the first black president to many black people.  Bill Clinton did a lot of things that black people felt they could relate to.  He was the first president to admit he smoked weed, he played the saxophone, and he cheated on his wife with an overweight white chick.   Of course all black people don’t smoke weed or play the sax, but screwing overweight white chicks is definitely something the black men of the community know about. 

Bill Clinton seemed to sympathize with the black community and seemed as though he cared about the black communities well-being.  Bill Clinton is definitely one of the favorite white people of all time, by black people.


“I’m like Sampson, my strength is in my hair.” -Boyz N’ The Hood

Black people take a lot of time and pride into their hair.  It is very crucial that the hair cut is on point, the braids are tight, and the hair is straightened to perfection.  The barbershop and beauty salon payments have now become a bill expense not just an “extra” expense.  The hair has to be fresh and always looking good, therefore the investment in it is a monthly expense.  The price is never too high because it is realized that you get what you pay for and damn-it if the end result will not be fly, if it’s not, you’re getting a for sure a$$ whoopin’ verbally.

A lot of money is also invested in hair care products because it is important the hair is always healthy and strong as possible as well as looking and smelling good.  There is a certain brush for certain hair styles and those must be obtained. In order to keep the hair looking fresh there must be something to wrap the hair up at night to ensure the “flawlessness” look in the morning.

There are even magazines that dedicate themselves to the need for flawless hair.  These magazines give ideas, style, and hair care advice to help keep everything on point from little children to adults.  You can not go to black neighborhoods without seeing several hair salons, barber shops, wig shops, and beauty supplies on ever corner. Hair care is very important and is priority, not an option.


One of the most popular cognacs that has now been demolished by its lack of traditionally being slowly sipped from a warmed snifter glass, but instead it is now mixed with anything from coke to apple juice.  This is one of the most widely popular alcoholic beverages that is at every black party/get together.  While it is a very strong spirit, it is popular with the women just as much.  It isn’t cheap, so in most cases it is a BYOB expression when showing up at a gathering. 


Yep, hot sauce and on almost everything! Nothing like the spicy kick that hot sauce brings to food to make it that much more titillating to the taste buds.  Traditonally, Lousiana Hot Sauce probably takes the cake, but in some instances it doesn’t matter as long as it is hot and red. Often times if it comes in spicy, it will be ordered that way rather than “Mild.”  Hot sauce is a must have in every black kitchen.

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