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The hook up means so many different things, but for the most part within the black community it means to have someone give you a deal on something rather than paying full or original price.  This isn’t like a “sale” or a “bargain deal,” these are things that are offered by someone who has the ability to give it away or sell it at a reasonable price.  These types of  “hook ups” are usually hush and aren’t advertised as they are a beneficial privilege, which isn’t to be offered to any and everyone just those who were at the right place at the right time or knew the right people. 

If you work somewhere that has hook up potential, you will definitely be asked if you can “hook” something up, such as if you work in a department store, amusement park, club, bar, electronics store, movie theatre, etc.  Anywhere where the products or services can be rendered.  Often times there are people who will use the hook up factor as a means of income for those who anticipate the hook up!  There are people who get several tickets to games and concerts and will stand in front of these events to sell the tickets at a lower price and therefore the person receiving them has now been “hooked up.”  The DVD and CD bootleg industry is a very large part of the black community, you can see these people selling these anywhere from the street corners in black communities to barber and beauty shops. 

The hook up, is something that is a self-made perk within the black community.


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