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Watching movies is a frequent hobby, it is even more of a hobby to watch a movie over and over again until the favorite scenes and parts are memorized.  Then during conversations, a quote from a frequently known popular movie is entered in to the conversation.  Sometimes it will apply to what is being talked about sometimes it won’t, but it is more of a reinterated joke.  Quotes from famous movies are always interjected into the conversation as a response in most cases to something you’ve said, but the quote refers to the movie yet still applies to the conversation in most cases.  Sometimes the quotes will just be blurted out of no where and the whole scene is played out verbally, and those who can identify the movie right away usually jump in and finish the scene by taking turns repeating the quotes of the movie almost as if they’re reading the script itself.  It usually ends when no one can think of the next line.  It can turn into a game, but you have to know the movie really well or you’ll be corrected and feel stupid.  If you’re capable of knowing the words of the movie really well it always helps to try to mimic the character as closely as possible, by almost imitating their voice, the more accurate you are the better.


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